Keep Your Ads.txt File Updated to Help Maximize Revenue Potential

For nearly three years and counting, ads.txt has been the industry standard to combat invalid traffic (IVT) and fraudulent activity by the bad actors in our industry. Publishers that implement ads.txt position themselves to receive as much programmatic demand as possible and mitigate the potential of losing future revenue.

RhythmOne has fully supported the ads.txt initiative and promoted its use to publishers since its rollout by the IAB in May 2017.

A Growing Trend

Earlier this month, Pixalate released its 2019 App-ads.txt and Ads.txt Trends Report. Per their findings, in the one-year period between Q4 2018 and Q4 2019, adoption of ads.txt by publishers doubled year-over-year. Today, more than 1.2 million domains now have ads.txt to help combat invalid traffic (IVT). And adoption is continuing to grow.

This is encouraging news, because display IVT is still top of mind for those of us in the programmatic ecosystem. According to digital media professionals surveyed by verification firm Integral Ad Science (IAS) in November-December 2019, 38% were worried about increasing levels of fraud in programmatic advertising in 2020.

On the sell side, eMarketer reported that 56% of US publishers told research firm Advertiser Perceptions last year that bots, fraud, and malware were limiting the amount of inventory they made available programmatically. In addition to these very tangible IVT concerns, “diminishing publisher margins on impressions sold” (49%), “trust in our ad tech partners” (37%), and “challenges setting a private marketplace” (35%) were cited as leading factors that limited inventory allocation.

Empowering Publishers to Activate and Earn

As we detailed in our recent blog post Supply Path Optimization: The March Towards a More Transparent Programmatic Ecosystem, RhythmOne publishers — through our self-serve Programmatic Direct and Preferred Deals offerings — can easily set their own private marketplaces (PMPs) via our Partner Hub. We also offer publishers a very competitive fee structure to help reduce their cost of doing business and improve their bottom line.

To deepen our commitment to optimizing the supply value of our partners — and to leverage Tremor International’s recent acquisition of Unruly — RhythmOne publishers can now benefit from additional revenue driven by new demand side platform (DSP), agency, and brand partnerships that are aligned with Unruly.

Update Your Ads.txt File

For those publishers who already partnered and activated with RhythmOne, you will need to update your ads.txt file to include Unruly’s information to help us give you access to this additional demand.

  • Add a line using, with the same ID used in your listing. (Note: This listing should be in included in addition to your current RhythmOne listing and is not meant as a replacement.)
  • Format:,<Pub_EX_ID>,DIRECT

In the above code, Pub_EX_ID must be replaced with your RhythmOne-issued Publisher ID.

If you do not know your Publisher ID and/or if you are partnered but not yet activated with us, email or contact your RhythmOne account manager.

RhythmOne arms premium publishers with tools to help maximize their revenue generation potential and a campaign platform that offers robust reporting and transparency to help enable more effective inventory management. For more information, email or reach out to your RhythmOne account manager.

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