Josh Hubi
Manager Of Creative Products, RhythmOne

Josh Hubi is a self-taught technology veteran responsible for developing RhythmOne's industry leading, customized scalable display, mobile, video and social media advertising products.

Ben Rathbun
Interactive Product Manager

Ben Rathbun is an Interactive Product Manager at RhythmOne and member of Creative Services team. He is responsible for brainstorming, planning, developing and testing new and innovative rich media ad products, start to finish. Additionally, Ben serves at the technical liaison between Publisher Services, Tech/IT and the rest of the Marketing team.  

Chuck Moran
Vice President, Marketing

Chuck Moran is responsible for leading the creative products team to find unique opportunities in a dynamic, digital marketplace. With over 20 years of digital marketing experience, Moran has developed a broad understanding of the connected consumer and how brands can engage them through technology-driven, creative solutions and programmatic buying.

S. Brian Mukherjee
CEO, RhythmOne

Brian is the Chief Executive Officer at RhythmOne, responsible for corporate vision and growth and all operating functions of the firm. With a strong entrepreneurial and engineering background, over his career, Brian has transformed and built growth platforms for technology-enabled businesses.

RhythmOne Staff
Marketing Department

The marketing and sales team at RhythmOne created this blog to keep you buzzing about the evolving digital advertising world. We want to hear from you; contact us if you have questions or topics that you want us to write about.

Nilesh Dhawale
Director, Products

Nilesh Dhawale is Director of Products at RhythmOne. Prior to joining RhythmOne, Nilesh managed Mobile Advertising Analytics products. Over the years, he has been in various Engineering and Product Management roles spanning cloud, data and high-performance software. With his education and experience, he has a passion to be at the intersection of technology and business.

Richard Nunn
Chief Revenue Officer

Richard is Chief Revenue Officer at RhythmOne, responsible for global growth of the business with accountability for comprehensive revenue streams, scaling RhythmOne’s unified programmatic platform and extending the Company’s commercial footprint into global markets. He oversees Supply & Demand sales teams, Account Management and AdOps functions.

Sudhi Herle
Chief Product Officer

Sudhi Herle is the Chief Product Officer at RhythmOne, leading the product and engineering efforts across the enterprise. Before joining RhythmOne, Sudhi was consulting CTO at Mobiliya, a startup delivering vertical specific Android OS & Cloud middleware.

Mark Murrin
Director, Business and Publisher Development, Mobile

Mark Murrin heads up RhythmOne’s mobile division as Director, Business and Publisher Development. In this role, Mark leads direct partnerships with RhythmOne’s premium supply, including major media companies such as CBS, WB, Sony, Univision. Previously Mark served at the legacy Rhythm NewMedia overseeing growth in mobile video supply, partnerships, and SDK distribution. Prior to that, Mark worked at Evolve Media and also served in the Peace Corp working as an Economic Development Advisor in rural fishing communities. 

Kate Crook
Director of Brand Solutions

Kate Crook’s main role is to blend Sales, Marketing, and Strategic knowledge to empower the National sales team and help create top-notch digital media solutions for brands of all sizes. Being in tune with all things Influencer Marketing is an integral part in her role.

Dan Slivjanovski
Chief Marketing Officer

Dan Slivjanovski is head of Marketing at RhythmOne, responsible for strategic brand direction, corporate communications, product marketing and sales empowerment. A veteran strategy consultant and agency executive, Dan's expertise lies in anticipating sector trends and emerging customer needs while also helping to define and implement corporate growth strategies. Dan's knowledge base covers comprehensive digital advertising elements, with specialization in online video, cross-screen targeting, and programmatic trading. 

Katie Paulsen
VP Influencer Marketing

Katie is responsible for overseeing the strategy, execution and sales empowerment for RhythmInfluence, the influencer marketing discipline of RhythmOne. She brings 14+ years of digital media experience and has played an integral role in developing successful online solutions for top brands such as Jetblue, Exxon, Nestle, Ocean Spray, Target and General Mills.  Her expertise spans social, mobile, video and rich media with a specific focus and passion for influencer marketing.

Dwight Ringdahl
Senior Vice President, Technology

Dwight Ringdahl is the Senior Vice President, Technology at RhythmOne, responsible for leading the engineering team across the enterprise to help drive the growth of RhythmOne's programmatic trading capabilities. Ringdahl has over 25 years' experience in software and hardware engineering, product development, advertising technology and advanced R&D. He is an accomplished executive and entrepreneur, building and selling several companies. An engineer by training, Dwight served nearly 10 years in the US Air Force, and graduated CCAF with a degree in Air Crew Rescue and Survival, with a Chemical Engineering Major. 

Traci Nutson
Sales Director, Southeast

Traci Nutson is a Sales Director for the Southeast region for RhythmOne. She spent the majority of her career on the agency side working on brands such as The Home Depot, Big Lots and Florida's Natural. She has deep experience in helping clients maximize business results through integrated, intelligence-driven marketing strategies with more than 13 years of marketing experience for national and regional brands.

Kelly McIvor
Product Manager

Kelly is the voice of the publisher at RhythmOne where he leads product management for publisher products. He has over 15 years of experience bringing SaaS products from concept to commercialization at startups as well as Fortune 100 companies. He has also taught mobile strategy at the University of Washington’s Graduate School of Communications.

James Murphy
Vice President, Programmatic

James Murphy is Vice President, Programmatic at RhythmOne. He is responsible for managing all business functions within RhythmOne’s programmatic division, including business development, sales, yield management and brand awareness. With more than twenty years of experience in digital media, James is an expert in programmatic, online trading, sales management and video advertising. Before his current role at RhythmOne, James held roles at AdConductor and Burst Direct.

Karim Rayes
SVP, Products and Business Development

Karim Rayes, Senior Vice President, Products and Business Development at RhythmOne, leads the company’s publisher development and product management organizations. Karim joined RhythmOne in 2007 and prior to his current post served as Vice President, Publisher Development where he was managing RhythmOne’s supply side platform, responsible for product direction and commercial relationships. With more than a dozen years of experience in digital media, Karim is an expert in publishing, programmatic advertising, media buying, and business development & affiliate marketing and management. He holds a B.A.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Montreal.

Mark Kaefer
Senior Director, Corporate Marketing

Mark Kaefer is Senior Director, Corporate Marketing at RhythmOne and has been with the company since 2010. A B2B and technology marketing veteran, he has held marketing management and communications positions at, TechTarget, SkillSoft, and the WGBH Educational Foundation. Mark holds a B.S. degree in Television/Radio from Ithaca College and an M.S. degree (with honors) in Mass Communication from Boston University.

Craig Brockman

1R Creative Labs

David Neuman
Director of Social Strategy

David Neuman is responsible for leading social media strategy at RhythmOne. He has over 10 years social media & digital marketing experience and has been featured live on CNBC, Fox News, and WSJ discussing social media analytics and trends.

Jade Graves
Director of Programmatic Sales

Jade Graves is Director of Programmatic Sales at RhythmOne. He is responsible for supporting the company’s programmatic strategy, including management of its private marketplace (PMP) and “Always On” audience segments, as well supporting its sales teams on programmatic opportunities. With more than 15 years of experience in digital media, Jade is an expert in programmatic, business development, sales strategy, and cross-screen solutions. Before his current role, Jade spent five years with Nexage, a mobile-first exchange, which was acquired by AOL in 2015. Reach him at or call +1 (781) 852-5257 (direct).

Vish Tella
Product Manager

Vish Tella is a product manager at RhythmOne. He owns and manages RhythmOne’s ad exchange server, RhythmXchange, and the supply quality vetting product, RhythmGuard. With over three years experience in programmatic advertising, Vish is an expert in products across the ad tech ecosystem.

Michael Hudes
Chief Revenue Officer

Michael Hudes is the Chief Revenue Officer for RhythmOne and brings over 20 years of extensive advertising and digital media experience to the RhythmOne team. He is responsible for global growth of the business with accountability for comprehensive revenue streams, scaling RhythmOne’s unified programmatic platform and extending the Company’s commercial footprint into global markets. He oversees Supply & Demand sales teams, Account Management and AdOps functions.

Alex Kreisman

Alex Kreisman is an Analyst on the Media Insights & Analytics team at RhythmOne. He is responsible for providing clients with deep level campaign analysis, strategic recommendations, and thought leadership research. Prior to his time at RhythmOne, Alex practiced law after graduating with a J.D. from Chicago-Kent College of Law. Alex plays guitar and piano in a band but when he’s not playing, you can find him skiing or hiking (but probably not in Chicago).  

Devin Fallon
Vice President, Media Insights & Analytics

Devin Fallon manages the Media Insights & Analytics team at RhythmOne. Drawing on over seven years of experience in the online video analytics space at YuMe (and now RhythmOne), he and his team provide clients with in-depth personalized campaign analysis, insightful research studies, and high-level strategic account guidance. Prior to his time at RhythmOne, Devin gained valuable experience in the world of TV buying as a traditional media planner at RJ Palmer (now part of Assembly). Devin has a BS in economics from Dartmouth College.

Christine Kunz
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Christine Kunz is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at RhythmOne. She leads the go-to-market strategy for RhythmOne’s data, targeting, and measurement solutions. Christine draws from over a decade of experience across media buying, media strategy, and client service. While at GroupM, she bought and planned cross-platform across television, radio, print, out-of-home, and digital. She went on to lead West Coast account management for mobile ad platform Tapjoy.

Peter Ackerman
Product Marketing Manager

Peter Ackerman is a Product Marketing Manager at RhythmOne. He leads the go-to-market strategy for RhythmOne’s supply-side monetization solutions, focusing on Advanced Television. Leveraging his diverse background in both the demand-side and supply-side of the programmatic video ecosystem, Peter brings a pragmatic approach to developing and launching solutions addressing market needs across the programmatic supply chain. Prior to RhythmOne Peter held sales and marketing positions at Hearst Bay Area Media Group, Major League Gaming, CBS EcoMedia, and IMG.

Calli Rost
Vice President, Business Development

Calli Rost is Vice President, Business Development at RhythmOne and leverages her deep experience in working with publishers — and understanding their challenges — to lead the company's Publisher Acquisition team. Calli also drives new DSP integrations on RhythmOne's end-to-end programmatic platform, and works closely with the company's Product organization to develop supply-side solutions that enhance programmatic monetization. Calli has been with RhythmOne since 2010 and holds a bachelor's degree in Strategic Communications from the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism.

Jorg Nowak
Chief Revenue Officer

Jorg Nowak is Chief Revenue Officer at RhythmOne and drives all revenue generation efforts for the organization. A seasoned digital media sales leader, Jorg’s expertise is in creating new revenue streams, driving new business development, and opening up profitable markets.


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