Brand Safety

Brand Safety Policy for Demand Partners and Advertisers

LAST UPDATED August 07, 2019

RhythmOne’s brand safety policy for demand partners and advertisers applies to anyone who buys inventory on or within the RhythmOne Programmatic Platform and all associated properties and offerings under the RhythmOne media division umbrella. If you do not agree to comply with this policy, you have no right to use RhythmOne as a demand partner or advertiser.

Prohibited Creatives

Advertisements that do any of the following (or link to any website, application, or other online property that does any of the following) are strictly prohibited:

  • Promote fireworks;
  • Contain nudity or suggestive content or images;
  • Promote adult products, including sex toys and sexual enhancers;
  • Promote online gambling (including daily fantasy sports in jurisdictions where daily fantasy sports are considered to be illegal online gambling);
  • Promote adult-themed dating, escort services, “mail-order brides,” or similar services;
  • Install spyware, trojans, viruses or other malware;
  • Incite hatred of any race, religion, creed, class or ethnic group, or of any individual or group;
  • Describe, depict, or glorify pain, suffering, torture, violence or death of or against humans or animals;
  • Sell or promote firearms, ammunition, bombs or other weapons, or related design materials, including handgun safety certificates and BB guns;
  • Sell or promote illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, or ways to pass a drug test;
  • Promote P2P file-sharing, torrent, or anything that facilitates or promotes copyright infringement;
  • Infringe intellectual property rights;
  • Promote or contain libel or fraud;
  • Violate any applicable law, regulation, governmental rule or court order
  • Contain profanity;
  • Promote of cryptocurrency or cryptocurrency related materials;
  • Send an SMS message, or initiate a charge, without explicitly notifying a user and requiring a tap or other intentional action (click-to-call or click-to-SMS ads must clearly indicate that clicking the ad will initiate the call or SMS message; conventions such as a phone number that looks like a hyperlink are acceptable notification);
  • Claim that a third-party plug-in such as a Flash or Java player is outdated in order to entice users to download software;
  • Promote hacking, cracking, or warez;
  • Promote any other products, services, or content that are illegal, promote harmful activity, or infringe on the rights of others. This includes sites that provide “how-to” information on bomb-making, lock-picking, and similar topics;
  • Sell or promote smoking, tobacco, cigarette papers, or blunt wraps;
  • Are misleading or contain content that is not reflective of what the user will find on the clickthrough URL;
  • Employ phishing techniques or seek to trick the user into providing sensitive information by misrepresenting the identity of the advertiser;
  • Falsify any user interaction, such as faking clicks; or
  • Mimic system errors or messages.

Except for advertisement units specifically designated as expandable (such as certain IAB rising stars units and in-app mobile interstitials), advertisements may not grow beyond the dimensions of their designated ad slots.

Sensitive Creatives

Advertisements that sell or promote any of the following (or link to any website, application, or other online property that promotes any of the following) may be permitted on a case by case basis based on facts and circumstances, including applicable of rules and regulations.

  • Vaping;
  • Alcoholic beverages;
  • Marijuana and related (including CBD);
  • Sensitive pharmaceutical and related; and
  • Sensitive health categories.