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  • Keep Your Ads.txt File Updated to Help Maximize Revenue Potential
    To deepen our commitment to optimizing the supply value of our partners, RhythmOne publishers can now benefit from additional revenue driven by new demand side platform (DSP), agency, and brand partnerships that are aligned with Unruly.
  • GOOD NEWS: Changing the Conversation
    In these uncertain times, it’s easy to get lost in all the negative news surrounding us all. The team behind our RhythmInfluence by RhythmOne offering has decided to change the conversation.
  • COVID-19 and What to Expect from RhythmOne
    We know times are tough right now. That’s why we’re committed to helping your business and navigating the uncertainties caused by COVID19 together. Read more from our CEO Ofer Druker.
  • Supply Path Optimization: The March Towards a More Transparent Programmatic Ecosystem
    The rise of header bidding coupled with the opacity of the programmatic ecosystem has resulted in buyers and sellers reducing and/or consolidating technology partners in favor of more substantive partnerships.
  • Why Sports Fans are Cutting the Cord and What it Means for Advertisers
    Once upon a time, sports fans simply couldn’t cut the cord. Whether professional or collegiate, real-time access to a favorite team usually meant a pricey cable bundle. With a bevy of streaming options, today’s sports fans can watch and engage with more content for less money than ever …
  • App-Ads.txt: Helping Mobile and OTT Publishers Reach Their Full Revenue Potential
    This year, the IAB’s Tech Lab finalized app-ads.txt (Authorized Sellers for Apps) — an initiative, much like ads.txt before it, that provides a means for mobile and OTT publishers to specify exactly who is authorized to sell their valuable inventory. No matter if you’re on the supply or …
  • 5 Tips on Building Your Brand from Create & Cultivate
    Create & Cultivate landed in San Francisco in late September with its signature one-day conference full of curated panels, mentor sessions, and networking opportunities. RhythmInfluence by RhythmOne was there to get the inside scoop on how to be a “bad-ass boss babe,” taking in tips from dozens of …
  • Video: Karim Rayes on Cleaning the Programmatic Supply Chain
    Our own Karim Rayes, Chief Product Officer, sat down with Pixalate at DMEXCO 2019 to discuss ad fraud and steps that can be taken to achieve a clean programmatic supply chain. In the video, Karim discusses how the ad fraud conversation has evolved over the years and weighs …

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