Next-Generation Programmatic Platform Connects Advertisers With Qualified, Brand-Safe Audiences Across Devices at Scale

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—(Marketwired – Sep 30, 2015) – RhythmOne (“1R” or “the Company”), a technology-enabled media company that connects audiences with brands through premium content across devices, today announces the launch of its next-generation programmatic platform, RhythmMax. The debut underscores the company’s commitment to mobile, video and programmatic and empowers advertisers to achieve impact and scale with consumers who are increasingly active, engaged and seeking quality content across devices and formats.

Furthering the Company’s mission to deliver high-quality, cross-screen advertising at scale, RhythmMax reaches over 150 million unique users a month across a wide variety of targetable audience segments in a brand safe environment. RhythmMax provides advertisers a single point of campaign execution for video, display, rich media and native advertising, across mobile, desktop and connected TV. For publishers, RhythmMax pre-screens inventory which allows for maximum inventory valuation, yield and monetization. 

Setting the Pace on Brand Safety
A key differentiator of the RhythmMax platform is RhythmGuard, a proprietary pre- and post-bid filtering technology that screens for and eliminates underperforming or suspicious traffic before it reaches the marketplace. Designed to augment and complement other third-party viewability and verification solutions, RhythmGuard enables RhythmMax to offer one of the cleanest sources of inventory available in the industry.

“RhythmGuard confirms true impressions and excludes non-human traffic at every point across the digital conduit—domain, publisher, page, user, content and ad-level—before it reaches the marketplace,” said Dwight Ringdahl, SVP Technology at RhythmOne. “We’ve pioneered a technology that allows us to combat domain masking post-bid—this is a rare feature in the industry. We believe that the ability to prevent, rather than just measure fraud after the fact, takes brand safety to the next level.”

RhythmMax’s premium inventory has deep roots in mobile and video—including coveted in-app and in-stream inventory—and covers owned and operated, and controlled supply, in addition to an extended network of publisher partnerships. RhythmMax offers flexible buying options for advertisers across the RhythmOne supply footprint, including programmatic direct and private marketplaces deals, and real-time bidding. The platform is directly integrated with many top-tier DSPs, and can also provide turnkey managed services.

“Advertising-supported access to digital content that is respectful of the Consumer and impactful for the Advertiser is essential for the Industry to thrive. Our mission is to provide high-quality, cross-screen advertising at scale, through a single point of access,” said S. Brian Mukherjee, CEO at RhythmOne. “RhythmMax is a critical component of our platform to deliver on this goal by providing our publisher partners—and their audiences—relevant brand advertising, and by offering advertisers the programmatic mechanisms to reach these audiences in highly scalable, efficient, and brand safe environments.”

About RhythmOne
RhythmOne is a media technology company that connects audiences with brands through premium content across devices, at scale. We work with advertisers, publishers and content providers to offer fully integrated, cross-screen advertising solutions, spanning desktop and mobile video, rich media, display, social and native formats. RhythmOne offers advertisers a significant supply footprint through both owned and operated web properties and a network of quality partners. RhythmGuard, our proprietary filtering technology that screens and qualifies inventory pre-campaign, eliminates suspicious or fraudulent traffic before it reaches the advertiser. The sum of these capabilities ensures advertisers maximize their ROI, with transparent measurement around campaign effectiveness and attribution. RhythmOne’s long-term vision is to provide the industry’s most accountable marketplace for online advertising.

The Company is headquartered in San Francisco, California with offices worldwide. For more information please visit