RhythmOne Solidifies Commitment to Quality in its Unified Programmatic Marketplace

London, England and San Francisco, CA – 10 October 2017 – RhythmOne plc (LSE AIM: RTHM, “Company” or “1R”), an advertising technology company that provides streamlined, transparent connections between advertisers and audiences through a combination of differentiated supply, innovative technology and data-driven insights, today announces that it has maintained a #1 US ranking on Pixalate’s Global Seller Trust Index™ (GSTI) for the fifth consecutive month. RhythmOne has ranked in the top two internationally during the same time period.

Pixalate, a global data intelligence platform and real-time fraud protection provider, publishes the GSTI as an independent rating standard for programmatic advertising, measuring inventory quality across such criteria as viewability, reach, validity of traffic types and malware.

The consistent achievement of these industry-leading rankings is the result of continuous innovation within RhythmGuard, the Company’s proprietary brand safety technology that is built into its unified programmatic marketplace. RhythmGuard rigorously screens all inventory, eliminating suspicious or underperforming traffic pre-bid. It does this by leveraging supply-side block lists and traffic scoring algorithms built from first- and third-party verification data. In addition, RhythmGuard monitors and filters traffic post-bid, providing creative and domain-level verification. As its programmatic platform continues to grow, RhythmOne is committed to maintaining a leadership role in defining and representing emerging ad quality standards and requirements.

“Ranking at the top of Pixalate’s GSTI is a strong demonstration of our commitment and dedication to maintaining the highest levels of inventory quality,” said Bhaskar Ballapragada, Head of Product at RhythmOne. “Transparency is the key to trust, and we’ve invested in the tools, technology and intelligence that enable us to lead in these efforts and demonstrate material value-add to our demand relationships.”

Over the past several months, RhythmOne has made significant enhancements to RhythmGuard to improve its performance and value delivery to advertisers. These include:

  • Simplifying integration with partners (Demand and Supply-side) and providing tools and data to assist them in filtering invalid traffic (IVT) within their own platforms
  • Growing the Company’s bank of proprietary data filters to recognize current and emerging fraud types, as well as associated ad request variables to better identify IVT
  • Additional features that allow RhythmGuard to evaluate ad quality, ensuring that only quality and approved creative flows through RhythmOne’s ecosystem

“Trust remains the biggest challenge for marketers, particularly because of the lack of transparency in the supply chain and the large amount of money involved,” said Jalal Nasir, CEO of Pixalate. “Pixalate’s Seller Trust Indexes rank the overall quality of the ad supply chain across display, mobile, video and OTT, and we provide free monthly rankings to help marketers rebuild trust and transparency in advertising with an eye on quality. RhythmOne’s commitment to quality has helped them achieve the top rankings in our US GSTI.”

The Pixalate Global Seller Trust Index is a monthly report based upon proprietary technology that analyzes more than 100 billion monthly impressions for ad performance and quality of inventory. Global quality ratings are derived from an analysis of numerous traffic quality indicators, including network score, reach score, masking score, invalid traffic types, ad viewability scores and malware – in compliance with recognized industry standards.

To access a free copy of the Pixalate Global Seller Trust Index including the methodology, please visit: http://www.pixalate.com/sellertrustindex.


About RhythmOne
RhythmOne provides streamlined, transparent connections between advertisers and audiences through a combination of differentiated supply, innovative technology and data-driven insights. Founded in 2004 in the UK, the Company pioneered Internet video search and works with digital advertisers, publishers and content providers to offer fully integrated, cross-screen solutions that span desktop and mobile video, rich media, display, social and native advertising. Through its fully integrated programmatic platform, RhythmMax, the Company represents digital advertising inventory across owned, controlled and extended supply sources. The RhythmMax platform includes unique brand safety technology, RhythmGuard, which combines leading third-party verification and proprietary filtering technologies to ensure inventory quality in brand safe environments. RhythmOne’s end-to-end platform provides more direct, efficient and effective connections, driving ROI for advertisers and publishers. The Company is headquartered in San Francisco, United States with offices in the US, UK, Europe, APAC and Canada. For more information, please visit www.rhythmone.com.


About Pixalate
Pixalate, Inc. is a leading global intelligence platform and real-time fraud protection provider. Pixalate is a Media Rating Council-accredited vendor for display ad viewability. For more information, please visit www.pixalate.com.