Media Technology Company Goes above and beyond Traditional Digital Marketing to Deliver Content-Driven Customer Engagements to Brands

SAN FRANCISCO & BOULDER, Colo. December 10, 2015 RhythmOne, a technology-enabled media company that provides premium digital advertising and influencer marketing solutions to brands, and TapInfluence, the leading Influencer Marketing Automation platform, today announced an expansion of their existing relationship. RhythmOne will now use TapInfluence’s TapFire™ engine to enhance its capability to distribute influencer or brand created content across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest via social posts. Through TapFire, RhythmOne will be able to amplify the reach of influencer programs it builds for brands as well as add additional layers of performance optimization at both the content and influencer level.

RhythmOne and TapInfluence have partnered over the past five years to build respective expertise in influencer marketing solutions and empowering technologies. During that period RhythmOne has used TapInfluence’s TapFusion™ SaaS platform to automate workflow processes and more quickly identify the best influencers for a brand’s program, distribute influencer or brand created content, measure a program’s earned media value, and measure the impact of an influencer marketing program on a brand’s owned media.

“For four years running, our team has prided itself on constructing unique and creative influencer marketing campaigns for a growing roster of premium brands,” said Katie Paulsen, VP of Influencer Marketing, RhythmOne. “Our partnership with TapInfluence has been essential to our success and growth. The speed and ease with which their platform enables us to build, manage, and measure influencer marketing campaigns allows us to devote more time to our clients and create innovative influencer marketing solutions for them.”

By using the TapFire engine to optimize distribution of content created through TapFusion, RhythmOne will be a first-mover for adopting the full capabilities of TapInfluence’s full-stack SaaS solution for digital agencies and B2C marketers. Through the platform, RhythmOne will be better able to build and distribute solutions that allow brands to establish and maintain more impactful relationships with consumers.

“As a SaaS platform, it’s essential that we not only help users achieve a specific outcome, but that we fundamentally power their business goals. Influencer Marketing Automation delivers the authentic messaging consumers are seeking. As one of the most forward-thinking and sophisticated media companies in the industry, we’re honored to help RhythmOne build a profitable, rapidly growing influencer marketing practice,” said Promise Phelon, CEO of TapInfluence.

About TapInfluence
TapInfluence provides marketers the end-to-end solutions that enable them to connect conversations to commerce. TapInfluence’s SaaS platform, TapFusion, and distribution engine, TapFire, provide brands and agencies with the technology to efficiently and effectively create, scale, and measure influencer marketing initiatives across all social channels including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vine, and more. TapInfluence is honored to work with leading brands including Kraft, Horizon Organics, and P&G, and to partner with game-changing agencies such as MtoM Consulting, RhythmOne, and Ignite Social Media. For more information, visit

About RhythmOne
RhythmOne is a media technology company that connects audiences with brands through premium content across devices, at scale. We work with advertisers, publishers, and content providers to offer fully integrated, cross-screen advertising solutions, spanning desktop and mobile video, influencer marketing, rich media, and native formats. RhythmOne offers advertisers a significant supply footprint through both owned and operated web properties and a network of quality partners. The sum of these capabilities ensures that advertisers maximize their ROI, with transparent measurement around campaign effectiveness and attribution. RhythmOne’s long-term vision is to provide the industry’s most accountable marketplace for online advertising.

The Company is headquartered in San Francisco, California with offices worldwide. For more information, please visit