Latest Findings Show Continued Rise in Earned Media Value (EMV) by Industry’s Most Active Influencer Marketers

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. — Aug 11, 2015 — RhythmOne (“1R”), a media technology company that connects audiences with brands through premium content across devices, announced results from its latest Influencer Marketing Benchmarks Report, covering the first half (1H) of 2015. The “1H 2015 Influencer Marketing Benchmarks Report” offers a top-level analysis of 1R’s Influencer Marketing programs as well as industry-specific benchmarks and provides key insights in the areas of execution, Earned Media Value, social media amplification, consumer engagement, and more. During 1H 2015 (January through June), 1R’s branded content programs spanned 10 advertiser categories and employed 217 influencers. 

A Closer Look at Earned Media Value

One significant measure within this study is the examination of Earned Media Value (EMV)—a media value attributed to publicity, social sharing and endorsement. It is considered an effective measure of an advertising campaign’s success when reaching outside of its paid placements and a means of determining “amplification effect” of Influencer Marketing programs.

On average, 1R advertisers received $9.60 in EMV for every $1.00 spent on 1R Influencer Marketing programs in 1H 2015. This represents an increase of 1.4x over the company’s full-year 2014 average EMV of $6.85. In addition:

  • On average, 1R’s 1H 2015 Influencer Marketing programs delivered a social engagement rate (i.e., total reader engagements divided by total social exposure) of 3.49%.
  • Instagram was the best performing social media channel for Social Amplification; it delivered a Social Amplification Rate of 1.75%.
  • Similar to the finding in the company’s full-year 2014 Influencer Marketing Benchmarks Report, the CPG Food category received the greatest EMV ($14.29) for 1H 2015 Influencer Marketing programs.
  • Inclusion of a sweepstakes or giveaway drove higher EMV and higher social engagement rates.

The company’s 1H 2015 findings reinforced themes that emerged in 1R’s inaugural 2014 report—as certain verticals build upon their early successes with this type of marketing and their methodologies continue to mature.

“Influencer Marketing programs deployed by CPG food advertisers once again performed so well because these brands understand the value of campaign focus, and quality content execution, when addressing their audience targets,” said Katie Paulsen, Senior Director of Brand Sales, RhythmOne.

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Kendall Allen
For RhythmOne