Innovative Solutions For
Demand Side Platforms and Agency Trading Desks

With strong publisher relationships offering direct access to premium and diverse multiscreen supply – and connections to a number of the world’s major Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) – RhythmOne is among the world’s largest brand-safe programmatic platforms. It offers technological efficiency at every stage of the process to help effectively connect buyers to sellers and engage consumers on formats spanning video and connected TV (CTV), in-app, and display.

Private Marketplaces Curated to Meet Brand Objectives

RhythmOne’s Private Marketplaces (PMPs) offer unique multiscreen supply through our controlled inventory, enhanced through our extended supply. Our PMPs are different because our audience and contextual segments are curated for your business objectives on the supply side — enhancing targeting accuracy, providing transparency into inventory availability, and improving scale and precision.

Premium and Diverse Direct Supply

RhythmOne focuses on direct publisher relationships across all screens and ad formats at scale. We are directly integrated with 700+ publishers, resulting in over 12,000 properties. And through Tremor International’s acquisition of Unruly, we have access to premium video inventory on more than 50 News Corp titles plus access to more than 2,000 premium publishers globally.

Technology and Data to Drive Engagement

A unified tech stack – the backbone of the RhythmOne Programmatic Platform – is designed to help facilitate faster and more efficient transactions between buyers and sellers from bid to delivery. Our platform is also aligned with the RhythmOne Data Management Platform (DMP), which builds proprietary audience segments and offers unique audience segmentation to DSPs and agency trading desks.

Premier Brand Safety Technologies

Brand safety is at the heart of our offering. Supported by RhythmGuard, our proprietary brand safety technology, RhythmOne consistently achieves top-tier ratings in third-party rankings such as the Pixalate Seller Trust Indexes.

Innovative Solutions for ​Supply Side Platforms

RhythmOne offers third-party Supply Side Platforms (SSPs) a single connection and access point to premium buyers and top agency relationships. And as a subsidiary of Tremor International, we also uniquely deliver access to Tremor Video demand.

Our scalable, IAB-compliant multiscreen solutions are inherently focused on video. By leveraging RhythmOne’s platform connections and integrations (including Header Bidding and server-to-server), as well as efficient OpenRTB to access consolidated demand, we help drive incremental revenue to supply partners.