Programmatic Technology Stack and Infrastructure

At the heart of RhythmOne is our end-to-end tech stack and its associated infrastructure. From bid to delivery, it’s designed to facilitate some of industry’s fastest, most efficient transactions between buyers and sellers. And with RhythmGuard, our proprietary filtering technology that eliminates invalid traffic and fraud, it is also one of the safest marketplaces available.

RhythmOne has technology each step of the way when connecting buyers to sellers. This means enabling faster transactions for advertisers, lower latency for publishers, and a better user experience for consumers. Cutting out point solutions in between makes us more efficient, and ultimately more cost effective for all our clients and partners.

RhythmOne has technology each step of the way when connecting buyers to sellers


  • AS (Autonomous System) number facilitates direct peering with DSPs, reducing transaction times
  • Co-located with major internet peering points
  • Server-to-server interconnect using QDR Infiniband (56 Gb/s) enables real-time fraud analysis


  • Data centers and connectivity partners in the US and internationally
  • Multiple redundant 10Gb/s connections
  • No single point of failure


  • Engineered for 99.999% up time
  • Simple, streamlined integration process
  • Infrastructure-as-a-service allows buyers to co-locate their bidders
  • Dedicated customer service teams

By The Numbers


Average bid response time


Average time saved over first generation platforms


RhythmGuard filtering speed


Server-to-server connections


Compared to traditional Ethernet networking


System uptime

Data Drives Audience Development

Efficiently targeting the right consumers in a brand safe environment is critical to campaign success. The RhythmOne Data Management Platform (DMP) enables access to exclusive TV retargeting data — as well as first- and third-party data — to develop segments designed to meet your brand goals, including awareness and consideration to intent and purchase.

CRM First-Party Targeting

DMP companies work directly with brands to connect and onboard disparate marketing data. To enable targeting, these partners anonymize client-owned PII data and create highly customized audience groups for targeting — and RhythmOne can work with your DMP to onboard such first-party Client Relationship Management (CRM) segments to engage consumers with laser focus.

Comprehensive Cross-Screen and Behavioral Targeting

Our third-party data targeting is unique because it is executed on the supply side. This provides greater accuracy and opportunity for scale in the audience segments we create. With access to hundreds of data providers, we create highly-customized packages of advanced TV, mobile, and/or desktop supply based on your targeting parameters.

Data Partners

RhythmOne’s many data partners are leaders in helping clients maximize their digital marketing and advertising dollars.

Data Partners