A Premier Monetization Platform for Omnichannel Activation

The RhythmOne Supply-Side Platform (SSP) is our complete, fully integrated supply monetization platform that helps premium publishers and app developers maximize the value of their inventory across desktop, mobile, and connected TV devices. With RhythmOne, publishers have access to quality global demand from our direct advertiser and agency relationships, hundreds of quality demand partners including all major Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), data enablement tools to help increase supply value, and industry-leading brand safety tools to help protect your brand and the consumer experience.


With more than a decade of valued direct relationships with brand and agency buyers, we help drive competition for your supply. We’re focused on enhancing impression value and delivering higher CPMs and yield. Whether it’s through turn-key managed service for those advertisers looking for a more high-touch solution, or Private Marketplaces (PMPs) for the advanced programmatic buyers, our experienced sales teams consult with clients on the best approaches to connect with target audiences — helping to earn top dollar for your inventory. Our publishers can also benefit from additional revenue driven by DSP, agency, and brand partnerships that are aligned with Unruly.

RhythmOne’s premium demand partners have been incredibly valuable for monetization and continued growth across CTV platforms. We would recommend any publisher work directly with RhythmOne as a core programmatic partner.”

Ben Saxton, Director Digital Product at Popcornflix

Programmatic Deal Activation

The RhythmOne Partner Hub includes advanced self-serve tools for publishers to set up and activate programmatic deals, including Programmatic Direct Deals, Preferred Deals, and Open Auction.

Data Enablement

RhythmOne’s Data Management Platform (DMP) and in-house data science team help drive more value for your inventory through PMPs. With the RhythmOne DMP and our managed service teams, you can activate your first-party audience data or leverage a robust set of existing third-party data segments. Amplify your audience using our proprietary Smart Expansion tools, and layer the audience segments on to a deal ID.

Brand Safety

Our supply monetization platform is built to not only help provide publishers with maximum revenue generating opportunities, but also industry leading brand safety measures. Through our quality-assurance partnerships and proprietary brand safety technology, RhythmGuard, we rigorously work to help minimize your brand risk, protect your audience’s experience, and enhance supply value.

Strategic Managed Services

Our publishers receive hands-on account management services that provide set-up, as well as yield and revenue optimization support. Additionally, publishers have self-serve access to our Partner Hub that provides in-depth campaign information and filters that gives you the transparency you need to manage your ad revenue.


Publishers can choose from various methods to access our platform — including our client or server-side header bidding solutions. All integration solutions are powered by our enhanced technology stack and provide full access to our global programmatic ad marketplace.