Analytics For Publishers

Analytics for Publishers is an enterprise analytics suite that allows you to capture, analyze and activate user behavior and intent signals on your digital properties.



Our complete solution provides insight into the full user experience of your owned media channels and a robust and easy-to-navigate portal that allows you to access the data you need about your app/website's usage.

  • Capture and analyze website, app and cross-property usage to optimize for content and user flows.
  • Analyze the activity of users that share and engage with content through copy and paste activity.
  • Gain deep insights on users who click on shortened links from social channels and segment these users for more effective paid media targeting.
  • Segment and package users based upon observed behaviors into Private Marketplace (PMP) deals with advertisers via our publisher portal.
  • Easily model audiences, drive awareness and trials, and retarget users with ads in 3rd-party media using the real-time data captured from your website.

Sharing Analytics

Gain valuable information on what your users are doing with the content they are sharing, what their preferred methods of sharing are, and the devices that they share most often with.  Our Sharing Analytics tools reveal how users are behaving across your website and social channels.

  • Gain quantifiable value by capturing 100% of your site’s social activity in real time and leveraging advanced sharing analytics – all for free.
  • Understand what content drives user engagement and encourages them to share with their friends and family.
  • Gain insight into not only the primary users of your website and social media channels, but also the recipients of shared content to help you capitalize on their engagement as well.
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Link Management

Our Link Management tools allow you to shorten and brand your links, and customize the path users take to your website or mobile app. Our solution ensures visitors arrive at content tailored to their geographic location, device type (desktop or mobile), and whether they already have your mobile app installed. Our Link Management tools provide comprehensive, actionable insights into audiences who click on your deep links and shortened links.

  • Gain deep insights on users who click on shortened links from social channels and segment them for paid media targeting.
  • Understand which content resonates most with users so you can develop a more informed content strategy.
  • Integrated with some of the most popular Social Media Management Systems (SMMS) such as Hootsuite, Sprinklr, Adobe, and Social Flow, so you can easily take advantage of our many features without a hitch.
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Cross-Platform Analytics

Our Cross-platform Analytics is a complete solution for understanding the full user experience of your owned media channels. Unlike other analytics and management tools, all of the data you collect can be activated immediately in cross-channel digital marketing campaigns — across both web and in-app advertising — to help you reach both new and existing users.

  • Capture mobile and desktop web site engagements and analyze behaviors in granular detail with segmentation, user path analysis funnels, retention, and cohorts.     
  • Understand the full user experience of your mobile app, from installation and engagement to conversion and retention.
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