Header Bidding and Tag Integration

Monetization and Fill Solutions

RhythmOne provides both Header Bidding and proprietary tag implementations to monetize your inventory with premium video, interactive and rich media advertising.

Our easy-to-implement solutions connect you directly to premium brands and ensure your supply is represented across our unified programmatic platform, RhythmMax.  We deliver:

  • First Party Demand - higher eCPMs from premium campaigns sold by our direct sales and business development teams.
  • 3rd Party Demand – higher fill rates thanks to our industry-leading programmatic platform that connects to all major DSPs.
  • Ad Quality — protect your site’s visitors from unsafe ads by tapping into our direct, premium advertiser relationships and our industry leading creative filtering.

Header Bidding

RhythmOne’s bidding solutions deliver up to 40% faster performance than other available bidders.  Our faster performance reduces latency and timeouts which provides you with higher yield and maximum revenue opportunities.

Prebid.js Adapter:

The ideal solution for publishers who want an adaptor for the Prebid.js open source code project.  Simply download the header adaptor code from Prebid.js to get started.

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Header Bidder Wrapper:

Our solution for publishers who do not currently use header bidding or are looking for a broader solution to support multiple bidders.

Our wrapper supports multiple bidders, provides an asynchronous container to ensure all demand partners have their bid requests triggered at the same time, a universal timeout setting, and partner specific “adaptors”.

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Proprietary Tag

Our proprietary Ad Tag is a lightweight, javascript-based solution that is easy to integrate into your website.  Our Ad Tag gives you the option to choose ad dimension and serve all creatives, including HTML5, video, images, mobile and asynchronous ad calls.

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The Header Bidder Advantage

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