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RhythmOne provides a variety of integration solutions to access all of our demand — allowing you to choose the right method based on your needs and technical resources.


Our header bidding solutions exposes your supply to thousands of competing demand partners — delivering maximum value for each ad impression, and optimum CPMs and yield.


Header Bidder Wrapper

Our solution for publishers who do not currently use header bidding or looking for a broader solution. Our wrapper:

  • Supports multiple bidders
  • Includes an asynchronous container to ensure all demand partners have their bid requests triggered at the same time
  • Provides for universal timeout setting and partner specific "adapters"
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Prebid.JS Adapter

The ideal solution for publishers who want an adapter for the Prebid.js open source code project. Simply obtain our bidder parameters from Prebid.js to get started.

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Our proprietary ad tag is a lightweight solution that is easy to integrate into your website. Our ad tag gives you the option to choose ad dimension and serve all creatives, including HTML5, video, images, mobile and asynchronous ad calls.

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Server-To-Server Integrations

Our integrations with server-side bidding technology providers allow publishers who are using one of these partners to access all demand from our programmatic ad marketplace — and have the ad auction occur outside of the site’s browser.

We are integrated with a number of server-side bidding technology partners, including Google DoubleClick Exchange Bidding, Amazon A9, and 

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Our streamlined solutions can reduce revenue leakage, increase impression value, and maximize monetization.

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