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  • Full Year 2016 Influencer Benchmarks Report

    Just Released! RhythmOne's latest Influencer Marketing Benchmarks Report analyzes the 76 Influencer Marketing programs we ran for 51 unique brands in 2016. We detail our performance benchmarks in aggregate and by 18 specific advertiser categories – covering branded content execution, earned media value, consumer engagement, brand sentiment and lift, and more.

  • The Always-On Consumer

    "The Always-On Consumer," our  11th annual holiday season consumer study completed in October 2015, surveys  550+ online adults and covers everything from shopping timing and dollar amount spending intentions to what devices consumers will use to shop in both physical retail locations and through digital channels.

  • 1H 2015 Mobile Benchmarks Report

    With each passing year, use of mobile devices inceasingly proliferates. This upward trend means users are consuming content as they engage with the web via their smartphones and tablets. As the most effective platform to reach consumers, mobile provides great opportunities to advertisers and brands. 

  • 1H 2015 Influencer Benchmarks Report

    Reach new audiences by tapping into the power of Influencer Marketing! Learn how to forge authentic connections with consumers by weaving your brand stories into the content and social platforms of Influencers and independent bloggers on the web. 

  • Full Year 2015 Mobile Benchmarks Report

    Download RhythmOne’s full-year Mobile Advertising Benchmarks Report offering both top-level and in-depth analyses of mobile advertising programs that ran in 2015.

  • Full Year 2015 Influencer Benchmarks Report

    Download RhythmOne’s Full Year 2015 Influencer Benchmarks Report which offers an aggregated analysis of dozens of Influencer Marketing programs revealing key insights in the areas of branded content execution, earned media value, social action rate, consumer engagement, and more. 


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