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  • Deep Dive into CPG Influencer Marketing: Agency Experts Reveal All

    May 11 2017

    Watch this lively panel-style presentation with CPG Influencer Marketing experts as they share how their campaigns stand out within one of the most competitive advertising verticals.

  • Influencer Marketing: Getting Creative to Get Exceptional ROI

    Mar 28 2017

    In this webinar, we pull back the curtain on the newest Influencer Marketing data available. We reveal campaign strategies and dissect the planning and creative executions that drove ROI for 50+ unique brands and 70+ campaigns.

  • Influencer Marketing Deep Dive with Industry Experts

    Aug 17 2016

    Industry experts from Socialyse (a division of Havas Media Group) and RhythmOne reveal their secrets to success in working with influencers, creating killer content,  amplifying it across social channels and ensuring Influencer Marketing works as part of broader integrated marketing campaigns.

  • Full Year 2015 Influencer Marketing Benchmarks and Insights Webinar

    Apr 19 2016

    Check out the replay for our full year 2015 Influencer Marketing Benchmarks webinar where we provided the latest metrics and best practices to engage consumers with branded content programs.

  • Full Year 2015 Mobile Benchmarks Webinar

    Mar 02 2016

    Mobile advertising now accounts for 62.6% of all digital advertising spend is expected to hit 72.2% (or more!) by 2019. What does that mean for marketers and how can they optimize and maximize their online advertising to gain the best ROI?  Click now to view the replay!

  • Forging a Path to Premium Programmatic

    Dec 17 2015

    Everyone in the digital ad world is talking about “Premium Programmatic.” But what does the term really mean? Seeking a definition, we teamed up with Digiday to uncover an answer, so that we, as an industry, can have a deeper understanding about how premium programmatic will lead the shift in the way ads are bought and sold in a digital landscape.

  • 1H 2015 Mobile Benchmarks Webinar

    Nov 17 2015

    Nearly 3-in-4 US Internet users use a smartphone. More than 3-in-5 use a tablet. Mobile ad spending jumped 59.2% in 2015 (vs. last year) to $30.4 billion. Desktops and laptops are lagging behind in everything from online time spent to allocation of digital advertising budgets.

    So what does all of this mean for marketers? Check out our webinar to find out.

  • 1H 2015 Influencer Benchmarks Webinar

    Aug 03 2015

    Marketers looking to forge an authentic connection with consumers are weaving their brand stories into the content and social platforms of some of the largest independent bloggers and publishers on the web.  Influencer Marketing gives advertisers an effective place to engage with consumers and content distribution ad units can further amplify that influence at massive scale. 

    Check out our webinar for our Influencer Marketing best practices.


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