Full Year 2015 Mobile Benchmarks Webinar

Mobile advertising now accounts for 62.6% of all digital advertising spend is expected to hit 72.2% (or more!) by 2019. What does that mean for marketers and how can they optimize and maximize their online advertising to gain the best ROI? 

During the past year, RhythmOne has worked on crafting and delivering hundreds of campaigns for national brand advertisers representing a broad range of industry categories.  

Fill out the form below to view the replay featuring the Full Year benchmarks of the mobile components of those campaigns and best practices to engage consumers on mobile devices. During the webinar we answer:

  • What works better for your clients – interactive in-stream or mobile rich media
  • What is the optimal video length for mobile video ads?
  • How Mobile Rich Media can amplify results and get consumers to engage
  • Which mobile advertising formats drive success for your industry category

And don’t forget to Download RhythmOne’s Full Year 2015 Mobile Advertising Benchmarks Report.

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